Power Tone

Power Tone is a 20 minute strength blast to tone your upper body and core using body and hand weights. This short but effective class can be booked independently or as a perfect compliment to your spin class.

The Benefits

  • Build, or maintain, your core and upper body strength. 
  • Support your spine and lower back – help prevent injury in your sporting and every day life.
  • Improve your posture and balance and strengthen your pelvic floor.  
  • Achieve toned arms and upper body.
  • Feel more confident in what you can do and how you look! 

The Equipment

The only things you need to bring with you are water and a towel! In this class the only equipment we use are your own body weight, and hand weights which are provided.  We have a variety of weights, so you can choose the weight to suit you.


The Studio

The purpose built studio has air con and enough space! When the weather is good and the evenings are light then we can work in the fresh air, using the lawn for our exercise! 

The Music

Motivational tunes which help you get through!

The Rest

  • Cost is Β£5.25 per session
  • Tuesday evening, 8:10pm
  • Convenient on-line booking system
  • Book one or any number of sessions ahead to secure your place
  • No membership or parking fees

Book now or for further details on any of the classes see the Timetable of Classes or contact Petra on 07989 304529

And to wind down after…

Why not treat yourself to a well deserved relaxing or tired legs massage following your hard work in our on-site treatment room.