Your Studio

Want to make it YOUR STUDIO for an hour to do your own thing? 

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the whole studio is currently available for you to book any day for yourself.  If you have been to classes before (and have signed the disclaimer taking responsibility for yourself), then the studio, bikes and equipment can be yours for an hour to do your own workout in private.  Cost is Β£11 per hour.

  • This is a perfect opportunity if you wish to do more activity and don’t like gyms!
  • You want to re do your cycling fitness test?
  • Do a strength and cardio circuit?
  • You have missed out on a class which was fully booked, or you couldn’t make it?
  • Do you have a friend you would like to challenge to a race?!
  • Is it raining outside and you are training for a specific event?
  • Do you work from home and would like to do something positive in your lunch break?
  • Maybe you are planning a blowout at the weekend and would like to get some miles in, burning off the calories before you put them back in!!!

You can do your own thing, using the bikes and other equipment in the studio. To help you there are also some spin programmes for you to follow.

A disclaimer form must be completed on your first visit.

You can come with one other person, but please speak to Petra first.  If you have not yet attended any class you will first need an initial assessment and induction with Petra.

Come and make the most of the studio when it suits you best!

Book now or contact Petra on 07989 304529